Finish Line Party

The Finish Line Party for the Great Golden Keg Hunt at The Moore Center (125 State Street) will be open from 1:00 - 6:00 on Saturday, September 19th. Entry is included for Keg Hunters with their admission, but if you just want to join the Finish Line Party it's $10 access the fun.

Fun, you say? What fun?

Whoopy Kat will be playing live music. Atlantic Brewing Company will be holding a beer tasting. There will be local restaurants with food, organized by Chip of Chipper's Restaurant. There will be cash bars, games with prizes, and a great Raffle. We'll also have live social media tracking of the Keg Hunt's Progress as the teams make their way to the finish line!

$10 entry fee includes access to the dance party, the chance to play games and win prizes, and a raffle entry.  Food and beverages cost extra, due to the fundraising nature of the event, so bring some cash with you.  (Water will be available for free, and soda will be free for designated drivers.) 

Stanley Subaru will be offering a Safety Shuttle to Keg Hunters and Finish LIne Party attendees gratis, between the hours of 5:30 and 7 PM, to any address in Ellsworth -- including hotels.  If you think you'll have too much to drink, please book a room locally.

Sound like fun?  Purchase admission now! Access to the finish line party requires a state-issued photo ID, so have one on hand, because it like the race is a 21 and over event.