What is Union Square?

Union Square is Ellsworth's young professionals group interested in organizing events that highlight what Ellsworth has to offer and enrich the community. There's a lot to enjoy in the area. There are a lot of wonderful people in the area, so get engaged! Union Square organizes events that facilitate people finding great experiences and fun.

Part of the Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce.

Union Square events

Union Square is starting small and thinking big. Our currently recurring yearly events are the Great Golden Keg Hunt and Dead Run.

The Great Golden Keg Hunt is a scavenger hunt through downtown Ellsworth! Solve the puzzles in the Ellsworth businesses, master the clues, find the golden keg and race to the finish for prizes!

The Dead Run and Headless Half-Mile are costumed fun runs through the trails at Woodlawn Museum in Ellsworth!

We run other events, and we are looking forward to running many more. Sign up for email updates about what we have coming up!

How do you get involved?

Membership. Membership is really low-key. Membership means that you come to the Union Square events you want to come to. There are no dues, no attendance requirements. If we have an even that you think is fun, show up. It's great.

Committees. Committees require a little more attendance and participation to organize our bigger events, but if you want to help plan one of our events, we want your input! We've had great committees at Union Square, and we have really enjoyed the involvement of everyone who joins. Our committee members have made our events better and more interesting, and we really appreciate every committee member's participation.

The board. The board meets monthly to determine what Union Square events will run, support committees, and determine the course and goals of the group. We are happy to have a diverse range of expertise and opinion, and are always welcoming people who are excited to talk to people interested in developing fun and engaging things to do in Ellsworth.

Join Union Square

Being a member is free. Send us your name and email with the form below, and we'll let you know when we're doing awesome stuff! It's that easy. There's no commitment; just show up to the stuff that sounds up your alley.

We also put up our events on our facebook and twitter.


"Being a member is easy! Sign up for our email newsletters, and attend events that interest you.  Becoming a member means that you'll be among the first to know about all of our events and what's happening next!

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