Swarms are organized open-invitations to visit (and buy stuff from) Ellsworth businesses. Swarms are announced in advance. Check out the calendar to find them! We'd love to have you!


Union Square Swarms have three primary goals.

Goal 1: Support and engage with some great local businesses.

Ellsworth is a small community, and we have some great businesses. Swarms are a way to help keep the Ellsworth community and economy supported by giving local businesses some patronage!

Goal 2: Meet and enjoy the company of other people in Ellsworth.

Union Square is invested in building a sense of community. Union Square Swarms offer an opportunity for community and relationship-building in an informal setting between individuals, businesses, and other organizations.

Goal 3: Experience new things.

Food is good, and stuff is fun. We got a bunch of that in Ellsworth. Enjoy what's on offer, and explore something you may not have tried before!