Union Square's Great Golden Keg Hunt

The Great Golden Keg Hunt is a team-based scavenger hunt through downtown Ellsworth where teams of up to four people complete puzzles and challenges in order to find clues that lead to (empty) golden kegs hidden throughout the city. Team costumes are encouraged.

The first team to complete the challenges and cross the finish line with a keg wins a massive grand prize–gift cards to all the participating businesses, the value of a keg from Atlantic Brewing, and heaps of glory. Second and third place win acclaim and a respectable place prize. Every participant has one entry to the finish line party’s raffles with the option to purchase more.

The finish line party will have gloating, raffles, and alcohol (for separate purchase should you want to partake).

This is a just-for-fun event in Ellsworth.


Thank you, everyone, for having such fun with us for our third year! And thanks to all our sponsors and participating businesses for helping make it possible


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On Saturday, May 5th, 2018, teams will come together to complete a scavenger hunt throughout the City of Ellsworth. Each team will collect clues that ultimately lead to kegs hidden around the city. Each participating business has a specific challenge or activity. Each team has to complete these fun challenges before they are given a set of clues that can lead them to a keg.

If a team is lucky enough to be the first to find a keg, complete all of the activities, and make it to the finish line, the team wins a $100 tab at each participating business! Costumes are encouraged.


1st place: $100 to each participating business for your team and a keg of beer!*

2nd place: A keg of beer!*

3rd place: A keg of beer!*


*Legally, we can't give you a physical keg, and it would pretty hard to get it home after all that running around, so the actual prize will be awarded in gift certicates of cash value of a keg.

Are you game?


  • Teams will meet at a kick off location given to the Team Captain after registration.
  • Packet pick up will begin at 1:30pm
  • The scavenger hunt starts at 2:00pm
  • Teams will be given a list of clues to Ellsworth businesses.
  • At each business, teams will have to complete a puzzle or challege.
  • After completing a challenge, your team will be given a golden egg. The egg may or may not hold clues to the location of a golden keg. Keg clues will also have clues to unlock the keg from its hiding place.
  • Find a keg and unlock it with the clues you've been given.
  • After visiting every business on your list, completing all the challenges, collecting all the eggs, and freeing a keg, take all your booty and your booties to the finish line.

No biking, no driving, no scooters, no Ubers, Lyfts, nor taxi cabs! Walking only (assistive devices welcome for those who need them)!

Don't take or hide items from other teams.

No cutting locks. Damaging locks will immediately disqualify the entire team.

All team members stay together. You won't be able to complete challenges if you're separated.

Your entire team must reach the finish with all of your eggs and a keg to win!


Registration is closed. Teams register as a unit, and team registration is $80.

The first 10 teams to register will receive free event t-shirts!

Finish line party

Don't like the thrill of competition, but still like a good party? There will be a Finish Line Party at Flex-It! Come eat, drink, and revel in the competition of wits!

$5 entry gets you a raffle ticket to win a prize from participating businesses!

Finish line party opens at 3 PM. You can still join the party, even if you're not racing!


Everyone participating on my team is at least 21 years old, but can our kids tag along?

No. Sorry. It's 21 and over for everyone. Which means no one under 21 playing or accompanying. Kids. Nieces. Nephews. Very sophisticated pets. (Obviously certified service animals are totally welcome!) Union Square does have all ages events, though! This just isn't one of them.

I only listed 2 of the 4 team members. Can I add someone the day of?

Yes, but remember, you don't have to have a full, 4-member team to participate.

Can I play with more than 4 team members?

To keep things fair and manageable we limit team size to 4 members. We recommend finding additional folks to create a second team if you find yourself with 5 or 6 that want to play. It's more fun to race against one another, isn't it?

If drinking isn't required, why do we have to be 21 to participate?

While drinking isn't required to participate in the Great Golden Keg Hunt, participants will be entering bars to complete some of the tasks, and the finish line party will have alcohol available. In order to be responsible, we are limiting participation to those 21 and over.

Do I need to bring tools?

This year, you won't need anything special! A writing utensil and some extra paper are always handy, though. Otherwise, you will just need a valid state-issued ID and at least one phone we can use to text you (once). We'll be looking at ID's during team check-in just to make sure everything is on the up and up. You'll also need some form of payment for food and drinks as they are not included.

How do I know if my team qualified for t-shirts?

The first ten teams to register will get free event t-shirts. If you are one of the first ten teams to register, we'll send you an email confirming your shirt sizes. If you aren't one of the first ten to register, shirts will be available at check-in and at the finish line party.